About Artist

First and foremost I am drawn to dance because it feels Good.

Good to move, to express, to connect, to let go.

Acknowledging this, I seek locomotion that contains energetic pathways and spatially covers ground, surrendering myself to kinesthetic response. The body is devised of circadian rhythms or natural energy patterns which I like to play off to create movement that has a sense of flow (circularity). Possessing a keen attentiveness towards physicality and the inner workings of the body I aim to produce movement that is qualitative and rich in dynamics. With my work, there is a focus on inter-connectivity between the floor and one’s body, effectively using resistance and connection with the floor to move through space in seemingly unconventional ways. Dancing is always a full bodied experience: head, hands, legs, torso, toes, and eyes are always involved.

I am attracted to dance movement because it acts as a platform to deconstruct ideas. I use dance as a vehicle to research topics and gain insight, quite literally working through the process in order to have a clearer understanding. Dance allows for dynamic expression through the instrument of one’s body. There are many interpretations of what dance is and how one can move the body. My curiosities within the dancing body are ever evolving and I am constantly reimagining movement to be produced.

Photography by Peter Lim
Photo by Peter Lim