About Artist

There are many interpretations of what dance is and how one can move the body. Francesca’s curiosity with dancing is ever evolving and she is constantly re-imagining movement that can be produced.

Francesca likes to play on the body’s natural energy patterns to create movement that has a sense of flow (circularity). She is drawn to locomotion that feels good in the body, with a special interest in the physicality and inner workings of the body to produce movement that is qualitative. There is a focus on inter-connectivity between the floor and one’s body. Effectively using the resistance and contact of the floor to move through space in seemingly unconventional ways. Dancing is always a full bodied experience: head, hands, legs, torso, toes, and eyes are always involved.

When working with dancers, she has a more collaborative approach with the process; often using improvisation to stimulate phrase work or having dancers manipulate phrases. She likes to observe how dancers move before diving in and teaching a work. Playing to her dancers strengths, she lets their talent inspire her with each new creative endeavor.

Cover photography: Chloe Hamilton